Herr Phoul
Herr Phoul
General Information
Real name: Unknown
First Appearance: Captain Marvel Adventures #30
Created by: C.C. Beck
Otto Binder
Affiliations: Monster Society of Evil



The demise of Herr Phoul

Herr Phoul is a German Nazi, one of the three lieutenants of Mr. Mind's Monster Society of Evil. As required of Nazi officers, he was bald and had a monocle. He originally helped Mr. Mind build an insect-like vehicle that spun giant webs to help the Axis conquer Australia. When this was stopped by Captain Marvel he traveled to the planet Punkus with Mr. Mind's other lieutenants to attack again with the giant gun Great Big Bertha. He was killed when the munitions plant where Bertha's enormous shells were made exploded when he along with Mr. Mind's other minions discovered and attacked Captain Marvel. This article is a stub! Add information to help us out!

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