Oom the Mighty
Oom 01
General Information
Real name: Oom
First Appearance: All Star Comics #3
Created by: Gardner Fox
Affiliations: Monster Society of Evil
Abilities: Superhuman strength
Portrayed by: None

Oom was an alien serial killer.


In 1940, Oom freed himself and came to Earth where he began committing a series of ghastly murders. New York police detective Jim Corrigan was assigned to the case and discovered Oom masquerading as a bronze statue on the side of the Central Building in New York. Oom attacked Corrigan, who quickly altered his appearance to that of his super-hero persona, the Spectre. Oom challenged the Spectre, declaring that the first person to locate the fabled Red Moon Stone of Yzgartyl will have earned the right to remain on the Earth. The loser must agree to abandon the planet forever.

The Spectre and Oom traveled through outer space in search of the Moon Stone. Oom attempted to slow the Spectre down through the aid of one of Yzgartyl's henchmen. The crony in question, a large brown space-dragon, battled with the Spectre while Oom took the opportunity to find the Moon Stone. The Spectre succeeded in getting the stone away from Oom and returned to Earth, thus winning the contest. Oom however, refused to return to his former imprisonment. The Spectre used his unlimited power to pull Oom's soul from his body, trapping it inside the Moon Stone. He then hurled it into deep space.

Oom returned from outer space in 1942 where he joined the Monster Society of Evil. Under the leadership of the Venusian worm, Mister Mind, The Monster Society clashed with America's premier super-hero tema, the All-Star Squadron.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Oom has superhuman strength.



  • Red Moon Stone of Yzgartyl
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