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Rock of Finality
General Information
Official name: Rock of Finality
Created by: Geoff Johns
Jerry Ordway
First Appearance: Justice Society of America #25 (May, 2009)
Galaxy: Milky Way
Star System: Sol
Planet: Earth



The Rock of Finality is the dark mirror's image of the Rock of Eternity. Captain Marvel once threatened to banish Black Adam there during the the year without Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, but never did, as Adam soon afterwards fell in love with Isis, who Marvel felt had a sufficiently positive influence on Adam.

A few years later, when Adam and Isis went on a rampage over the world's attempts to destroy them, The Flash Jay Garrick was led to the Rock of Finality by the spirit of Billy and Mary Batson's late father, who had discovered that the wizard Shazam had been imprisoned there after his death at the hands of The Spectre. With Garrick's help, Batson freed the wizard so that he could strip Adam and Isis of their powers, but the wizard went farther than that, taking the powers away from Captain Marvel and Mary Marvel as well, and turning Adam and Isis' human forms into stone. Soon after, those statues were visited by a mysterious figure who declared that he now had his own champions to play with; presumably this is the Rock of Finality's owner.






  • The location of The Rock of Finality is for Evil and the location of The Rock of Eternity is for Good.