General Information
Real name: Ishmael Gregor
First Appearance: Outsiders vol. 3 #8 (March, 2004)
Created by: Judd Winick
Tom Raney
Affiliations: Secret Society of Super Villains
Fearsome Five
Abilities: Superhuman strength, speed and endurance, durability, flight, fire-breath, fire blasts
Portrayed by: None


In Outsiders (vol. 3) #8-10, Captain Marvel, Jr. and the Outsiders team face a new, more feral version of Sabbac. This version of Sabbac, possessing amplified demonic powers and a hairy beast-like appearance with horns instead of the more humanoid original form, is the alter ego of Ishamel Gregor, a Russian immigrant who had become a New York mob boss. Gregor lusted after the power of Sabbac and had his men find Timothy Karnes, who had been incarcerated and had his voice box removed to prevent him from speaking. Gregor initiates a demonic ritual which he states will allow Karnes to access his power without needing to speak. The ritual involves the murder of an entire New York bus full of passengers. At the end, Gregor kills Karnes and gains the Sabbac power for himself.

The second Sabbac opens a portal in the backyard of a very specific California home. This brings a host of demons into the world. He is challenged by the Outsiders and Captain Marvel Jr, and flees when his demons are defeated.

The The Society sends Deathstroke to Las Vegas, where Sabbac is taking over the local mafia. Deathstroke kills Sabbac's personal entourage and convinces him that the Society has much to offer.

Sabbac also works with the Fearsome Five to attack Alcatraz in San Francisco, now a supervillain prison. They are there for the seemingly minor purpose of freeing the FF member Mammoth. During the attack, the magical Rock of Eternity explodes over Gotham City. Sabbac's preparations allow him to absorb the sentient power of the Seven Deadly Enemies of Man. He also grows much larger. He uses 'Lust' to bring down the Five, the Alcatraz prisoners, and a majority of the guards. He uses the other sins in combat against the Outsiders. Donna Troy appears and the heroes use Katana's magic Soultaker sword to imprison the demon. From inside the Soultaker, Sabbac admits that the Society had enlisted him to kidnap Captain Marvel Jr. and bring him to Lex Luthor.

One Year LaterEdit

When the Outsiders were out of options, Katana summoned forth Ishamel from the Soultaker to destroy Dr. Sivana's base.


In the 52 maxi-series, Captain Marvel, on the brink of insanity, mentioned that Sabbac had tried an assault on the Rock of Eternity. Later in the series, Sabbac attacked Boston on Halloween, with the intention of kidnapping children and sacrificing their souls to the demon Neron. Sabbac is now several stories tall, and is only stopped through the efforts of the both the Marvel Family and the Black Marvel Family.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Powers of Sabbac

S for the Invincible Strength of Satan
A for the Indestructible Body of Any
B for the Evil Wisdom of Belail
B for the Flame Powers of Beelzebub
A for the Evil Courage of Asmodeus
C for the Flight of Craeteis


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