Sabbac I
General Information
Real name: Timothy Karnes
First Appearance: Captain Marvel, Jr. #4 (February, 1943)
Created by: Otto Binder
Al Carreno
Abilities: Superhuman strength, speed and endurance, durability, flight, fire-breath, fire blasts


Pre-Crisis Edit

The original Sabbac was the alter ego of Timothy Karnes (alternatively spelt as Barnes), and an enemy of Captain Marvel, Jr.. Sabbac appeared in two issues of the Golden Age Captain Marvel Jr. comic book (issues 4 and 6, both from 1943), and in two issues each of World's Finest Comics and Adventure Comics during the early 1980s.

Sabbac is depicted as a "dark opposite" to the Marvels, similar to Captain Marvel's foe Ibac. The dark forces of Hell gave the human Karnes the power to become a being with powers to rival Captain Marvel. To access this power, all Karnes has to do is say the magic word "Sabbac", and magic black lightning strikes up from the underword and transforms him into a muscle-bound demon with super-strength, super-speed, flight, fire breath, and the ability to emit fire blasts from the palms of his hands. Like Captain Marvel's magic word "Shazam", the word Sabbac is an acronym for the six beings who empower Sabbac: the demons Satan, Aym, Belial, Beelzebub, Asmodeus, and Crateis.

Post-Crisis Edit

In 2004, Sabbac was introduced into DC continuity in Outsiders (vol. 3) #8 written by Judd Winick. The story established Timothy Karnes as Freddy Freeman's, (Captain Marvel Jr.'s human alter-ego), former foster brother. Freddy's parents, David and Rebecca Freeman, had taken Timothy in, but the boy was sent to live with another family when the couple were killed in a car accident. Timothy would find himself shuffled from one abusive foster home to another, and grew to hate and resent Freddy Freeman, who lived a successful and relatively peaceful life with his grandfather.

Sabbac's origin was depicted in the 2005/2006 Superman/Shazam! First Thunder mini-series, written by Winick and drawn by Joshua Middleton. Dr. Sivana, hoping to find a way to kill Captain Marvel, has the high priest of the Temple of Bagdan kidnap Timothy, whom they learn is a descendant of the Bagdan line and the heir to the demonic powers of Sabbac. During a satanic ritual, Timothy is transformed for the first time into the demon Sabbac, and challenges Superman and Captain Marvel. Marvel defeats Sabbac after tricking him into saying his name (and thus causing him to turn back into Timothy).

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Powers of Sabbac

S for the Invincible Strength of Satan
A for the Indestructible Body of Aym
B for the Evil Wisdom of Belial
B for the Flame Powers of Beelzebub
A for the Evil Courage of Asmodeus
C for the Flight of Craeteis
  • Even without the Sabbac powers, Tymothy was a excellent occultist, able to cast spells from tomes (Pre-Crisis only).

Weaknesses Edit

  • Sabbac will return to his powerless alter ego if speak the word "Sabbac".
  • Sabbac would be abandoned by the demons, one after other, if intimidated (and as consequence lose each respective power) (Pre-Crisis only)