Swamp Thing
Swamp Thing vol 5
General Information
Type: Monthly Series
Total Issues: 46
Published: September 7, 2011 - March 4, 2015
Creators: Scott Snyder
Charles Soule
Yannick Paquette
Marco Rudy
Victor Ibanez
Francesco Francavilla
Becky Cloonan
Andy Brase
Guillem March
Travel Foreman


DC Comics embraces its dark side. On the 40th Anniversary of the character’s creation, the New York Times bestselling writer of American Vampire, Scott Snyder, teams up with Yannick Paquette (Batman Incorporated) to bring horror back to the DC Universe in Swamp Thing #1. For years, one man served against his will as the avatar of nature. And while he may have been freed of the monster, he’s about to learn the monster will never truly let go of him.

Story ArcsEdit

  • Swamp Thing: Raise Them Bones
  • Swamp Thing: Family Tree
  • Swamp Thing: Deadworld
  • Swamp Thing: Rotworld
  • Swamp Thing: Rotworld The Green Kingdom



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