Shazam! 1
General Information
Series: Justice League (backup)
The Curse of Shazam!
Issue Number: 1
First Published: March, 2012
Previous Issue: None
Next Issue: The Curse of Shazam! #2



A man is abducted by the wizard of the Rock of Eternity. As the man enters an elevator, he gets zapped to the Rock of Eternity, where he is tested to see if he is worthy. There is only a glimpse of the wizard's hand and mouth which is missing several teeth. The man fails, and is zapped back. Apparently several people have been abducted and tested to see if they are worthy.

Dr. Sivana has been keeping track of these abduction. Sivana recaps the story of Black Adam, and believes the current abductions are tied into this legend. Sivana has spent his life trying to save his family.

Cut to Philadelphia, seven months later. Billy Batson is in an orphanage, and is being interviewed by prospective foster parents, the Vasquezes. Billy seems very polite, and the Vasquezes mention they have other foster kids. But as soon as the Vasquezes agree to take Billy and leave, Billy shows his true colors. He's actually a trouble maker.







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