The Green
Swamp Thing Vol 5-12 Cover-1 Teaser
General Information
First Appearance: Swamp Thing #46
Created by: Alan Moore
Steve Bissette
Founder(s): The Parliament of Trees
Leader(s): The Parliament of Trees
Current Members: Alec Holland
Former Members: Alex Olsen
Albert Hollerer
Calbraith A.H. Rogers
Jack Crow
Tefé Holland
Alan Hallman
Aaron Hayley
Flora Back
Suzy Linden
Poison Ivy
Status: Active
Base of Operations: Mystical Realm



The Green is a mystical realm inhabited by the minds of all members of The Parliament of Trees. It also connects all forms of botanical life on earth. Various plant elementals have been known to communicate with The Green as well, and appear to have the ability to attune with it.


The Green is the natural force behind all plant life, whose champion is Alec Holland should he choose to become Swamp Thing once again. Heralded by The Parliament of Trees, The Green is the natural force behind all plant life. Along with The Red, the natural force behind animal life, The Green must combat the forces of death and decay, known as The Rot. While the champion of The Red seems to be the young daughter of Animal Man, Maxine Baker, the champion of The Green is a reluctant Alec Holland, who has no desire to turn into the creature known as Swamp Thing. But with William Arcane, the champion of The Rot close to uniting with Sethe, the avatar of The Rot, Alec may not have a choice in the matter.




  • The Green is analogous with The Red, a field linking all animal life on earth, and The Grey, which is an extraterrestrial life force consisting of fungi and moulds.
  • Other possible DC Comics Universe Characters that have a connection to The Green are the Floronic Man, went insane after attempting to connect with The Green through Swamp Thing. Woodrue once stated that Solomon Grundy is also connected to The Green (possibly as a result of his contact with The Sprout), but he was tainted by aspects of The Grey.


  • In the DC Comics Universe The Green is more known as a Concept with in the Swamp Thing Universe however it is also known as a Team as well.


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