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Hey, it's Funk Volume. I'm a member, and I love Captain Marvel. Without a doubt, he's my favourite superhero. So when I heard how they changed him in the New 52, I was upset at first. His name is Shazam? That doesn't make any sense! Why is he in Philly and not Fawcett City? Yaddy-yaddy-yadda. Problem was, I hadn't read any of the comics with Shazam, so I didn't know. Now I understand more. I found out that Billy is given the power of the wizard Shazam directly, and his powers come from the Rock of Eternity, so that cleared up a lot of things. However, I still have some questions.

Can he say his own name?

The old logic dictates that whenever Billy says the word "Shazam", lightning strikes him, and he's Captain Marvel. Now that he is Shazam, is that still the case? When Freddy Freeman was Shazam, there was a difference between just saying the word, and calling down the lightning. Is that how it works?

Where do I need to get started?

What issues are important to read to know more about where these characters are going?

Is he more powerful?

Now that he has the wizard's authority, is he more powerful than before, or just the same?

That is all I have. Thanks